What You Need To Know About Leadership

Authors: Jeff Grout and Liz Fisher

Reasons to read:

  • A good book for aspiring and current leaders
  • Highlights key leadership attributes and skills
  • Outlines how to work towards promotion

Key notes:

  • All successful teams should share a concise, story based vision.
  • This vision should be regularly referred to by leaders.
  • Leaders can select people with desired skills or select people with a desired attitude and teach them the required skills.
  • Leadership has moved away from authority and towards emotional intelligence.
  • Recognition is the most effective motivation tool – not necessarily financial reward.
  • Having a high performing ‘worst team member’ is key to motivate the ‘best team members’ to work to their potential and not become complacent.
  • Training a natural replacement to your role will mean you don’t have a personal barrier to promotion.


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