Special Educational Needs in Mainstream Schools Guidance Report

EEF Guidance Report

Reasons to read:

  • The report lays out clear strategies for effective SEN provision.

Key notes:

  • Language is important: pupils have SEND instead of pupils are SEND.
  • Development is not linear – pupils’ needs can increase or decrease as they mature.
  • The quality of teachers’ planning and their delivery of T&L has a major impact on every pupil’s development.
  • Summary of recommendations:
  1. Create a positive and supportive environment for all pupils without exception.
  2. Build an ongoing, holistic understanding of your pupils and their needs.
  3. Ensure all pupils have access to high quality teaching.
  4. Complement high quality teaching with carefully selected small-group and one-to-one interventions.
  5. Work effectively with teaching assistants.

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